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Red dump truckWhen thinking about truck accidents, most people picture semi-trucks losing control on the highway. However, there are many other types of truck accidents. For example, dump trucks and garbage trucks can cause severe accidents. These accidents often result in catastrophic injuries.

Since dump trucks often drive slower than 18-wheelers, you may assume that serious damage and injuries are unlikely after an accident. This is definitely not the case. Dump trucks often weigh more than the average large truck. The mass and weight of the truck can cause serious and fatal injuries during a collision. The overwhelming majority of these injuries will happen to the driver and passengers in the smaller vehicle.

Due to the severity of dump truck accidents, accident victims should consult with a Houston truck crash lawyer. You may find that truck driver negligence caused your accident. If this is the case, then you could potentially recover damages for your pain and suffering.

At The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC, we know that recovering financial compensation is highly important after a truck accident. This is especially true after a dump truck accident. You need an attorney who understands truck accident litigation like no one else.

Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III grew up in the trucking industry. His father owned an oilfield trucking company.  In college, he obtained his commercial drivers’ license (CDL) and worked for  a trucking company. His unique experience as a truck driver gives him additional insight into dump truck accidents that other attorneys do not have. Contact him today to receive experienced and unmatched legal representation.

How to Proceed After a Dump Truck Accident

If you are involved in a dump truck accident, then you should make every effort to complete the following steps. Doing so could help you protect your legal interests. It could also help your attorney when he or she investigates your accident.

First, you should seek immediate medical attention. Your physical health is of the utmost importance. However, in order to receive this medical attention, you must contact emergency services. An operator will notify the police and send a medical team to your location. The medical team will conduct an initial assessment of your injuries. You can use the documentation they provide as evidence for your dump truck accident claim.

After undergoing a physical examination, the medical team may escort you to the nearest hospital. However, if you remain at the accident scene, and are physically able, then you should proceed with the following:

  • Contact the police
  • File an accident report
  • Collect the contact information of the truck driver
  • Gather additional evidence, including photos, videos and eyewitness accounts, if possible
  • Record your recollection of the dump truck accident
  • Contact a Houston truck accident lawyer
  • Submit an application for no-fault benefits
  • Avoid giving any statements to law enforcement or insurance adjusters before your attorney is present

Knowing what to do after a truck accident can save you a lot of trouble down the line. A Houston truck accident lawyer can help victims of dump truck accidents hold the negligent driver accountable. Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III can pursue justice on your behalf. He will fight to receive a damages award that covers your medical costs and lost wages during recovery. Contact him today for guidance during a free initial consultation.

Dump TruckWho Is Liable for My Dump Truck Crash?

Determining liability after a dump truck crash is more complicated than it appears. It often requires the assistance of an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer. During most dump truck accidents, the truck driver is often the liable party. However, you may find that multiple parties share liability for your injuries. Liability for truck accident injuries are often traced to:

  • Dump truck company
  • Dump truck manufacturer
  • Maintenance company

Dump truck accidents often cause severe and catastrophic injuries. This can result in a claim worth hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. The insurance company will do everything they can to lessen the amount of your settlement. After becoming aware of your accident, they will immediately conduct an investigation. They will look for evidence that shifts blame for the accident in your direction.

This is why you need the help of a Houston truck accident lawyer. Your attorney can protect your interests throughout each stage of the claim process. For example, the insurance company often asks for more documentation than they really need. They want to find information that supports a denial of your claim.

Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III has witnessed this type of behavior from insurance companies in the past. He knows how to prevent an insurance adjuster from violating your rights and privacy. Contact him today to obtain his legal services.

Our Dump Truck Accidents Attorney Offers Compassionate Legal Representation

Were you or somebody you love injured in a dump truck accident? If so, then you need an attorney who is compassionate towards your situation. You also need an attorney who will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf.

The insurance company will do everything it can to lessen your settlement. If possible, they will attempt to deny your claim outright. The more severe your injuries are, the more they will push back against your claim.

At The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC, our Houston truck accident lawyer cares about your situation. He will fight to secure you a settlement offer that covers your accident expenses and lost wages. If the insurance company refuses to settle, then he is more than willing to take your case to court.

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Are your medical bills and rehabilitation costs piling up after a dump truck accident? Does the fear of paying attorney fees prevent you from hiring a Houston truck crash lawyer? Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC, takes dump truck accident cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that he does not receive any form of compensation unless he settles your claim or receives an award of damages.

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