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Fire truckFirefighters are essential workers that protect and save thousands of people each year. In fact, Texas is one of the top states affected by fires. In 2018, Texas was one of three states to lead the nation in the number of fire deaths. The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC has deep respect for the work firefighters do every day to protect and serve their communities. Unfortunately, though, fire trucks can be dangerous. They are some of the biggest trucks on the road, and when one crashes with a passenger vehicle, serious injuries or death may occur. If you have been involved in a fire truck accident, you should speak with a Texas fire truck accident lawyer from our firm. You may be able to recover compensation for damages like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering from the accident.

What Are Texas Fire Truck Laws?

During emergency situations, fire trucks do not have to follow every day traffic laws. Their priority is to get to the scene as quickly as possible. Under the Texas Transportation Code, fire trucks may:

  • Drive through a red light and/or stop sign after slowing down as necessary to ensure safe operation.
  • Exceed the maximum speed limit, as long as the driver does not endanger life or property.
  • Disregard other traffic laws governing the direction of movement or turning in specified directions.

In Texas, motorists must yield the right of way to an emergency vehicle, like fire trucks, if its lights and sirens are on. When an emergency vehicle is coming, drivers should slow down and pull over to the right until the vehicle passes. However, when a fire truck’s lights and sirens are off, then motorists do not need to give it the right of way. In this situation, a fire truck must follow common traffic laws.

What Are Causes of Fire Truck Accidents?

Causes of fire truck accidents may include:

  • Fire truck driver negligence. Similar to any other driver, fire truck drivers are susceptible to dangerous driving behavior too. Fatigued driving, distracted driving and reckless driving may all lead to serious accidents. Fire truck drivers must also slow down enough at red lights and/or stop signs to ensure safe operation. If not followed, it may increase the chance of crashing into another vehicle.
  • Passenger driver negligence. Failure to yield and get out of the way to oncoming fire trucks when sirens and lights are turned on can lead to serious injury or even death. Fire trucks are in a hurry to get to an emergency situation. Every motorist has a responsibility to get out of the way if possible.
  • Equipment. If ladders or hoses are not properly secured to the fire truck, issues could arise and cause an accident.

If you have been involved in a Texas fire truck accident, there are important steps you should take to protect yourself and your potential claim. See our guide about what to do after a truck accident:

What to Do After a Truck Accident

Who Is Liable for a Fire Truck Accident?

It is possible that more than one party may be liable for your damages. Potential liable parties for a fire truck accident may include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire truck driver
  • Fire department
  • Local government

Keep in mind that fire departments are part of government entities. Filing a claim against a government entity, especially for a fire truck accident can be complicated. There may also be different deadlines to file a claim that apply. However, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident, you may have a viable claim under the Texas Tort Claims Act.

An experienced fire truck accident lawyer can help you to determine who is responsible for your injuries. Your attorney can also gather important evidence on your behalf, build a strong case for you and fight for your right to compensation.

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