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Overturned semi truckDo you regularly spot trucks driving up and down Houston highways and interstates? A large amount of trucking activity is a good sign for our city’s economy. Commercial trucks transport goods from one place to another. They do this to provide people with the products and goods they need.

However, large trucks have a reputation for causing severe accidents. These accidents often cause thousands of dollars in property damage. They also often cause innocent victims to suffer from debilitating injuries. These injuries can result in medical bills and rehabilitation costs that total hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC, we know that truck accident cases are often complex to resolve. The insurance company may attempt to lessen the amount of your settlement offer. They may even attempt to deny your claim outright. An insurance adjuster will look for any shred of evidence that places the blame on another party. They may even try to place the blame on you, the accident victim.

Additionally, you may find that determining liability in a truck accident case is not as easy as you thought. Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III may recommend filing a truck accident lawsuit against multiple parties. His experience litigating many types of semi truck accidents will come in handy during these difficult moments. Reach out to him immediately after a Houston truck accident to schedule a free consultation.

What Are the Most Common Types of Semi Truck Accidents?

Choosing an attorney after a truck accident is an important task. The attorney you hire should have experience handling a wide range of truck accident cases. He or she should know all about the most common types of semi truck accidents. Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III explains in detail the types of truck accidents that frequently occur in Houston and the surrounding areas.

Jackknife Accidents

A jackknife accident occurs when the truck’s trailer swings to one side. The truck and the trailer form an “L” shape. It is similar to the shape a jackknife blade forms with the knife handle. When the trailer swings to one side, it often crosses lanes and causes a traffic accident. Truck drivers usually have no control during a jackknife accident. As a result, rollover accidents are a common occurrence. Since most trucks are large in size, jackknife accidents have the potential to cause a multi-vehicle pile up. A Houston jackknife truck accident lawyer can help you review your legal options after a jackknife accident.

Underride Accidents

Essentially, an underride accident is a rear-end collision involving a commercial truck. You may assume the truck is the one rear-ending another vehicle. However, this is not the case. An underride accident occurs when a vehicle rear-ends a truck. This type of truck accident typically occurs when a vehicle has little time to come to a complete stop.

In most cases, the car becomes stuck and rides under the trailer until the truck driver stops. These types of accidents occur most often when a driver is driving while distracted. However, the truck driver may have come to a sudden stop. You may need the help of a Houston underride truck accident attorney to help you determine liability for the accident.

Wide Turns

Truck drivers often have to steer left to make a right turn. This is commonly referred to as a wide turn. Drivers do not always check their right side surroundings. They are also not always aware of the traffic behind them. As a result, a truck driver can wind up trapping vehicles or even pedestrians. This can result in a serious and deadly traffic accident. Wide turn accidents happen often on narrow streets. They are one of the more common types of semi truck accidents.

Tire Blowouts

Tire blowouts can happen to any type of motor vehicle. However, they are particularly dangerous when it comes to trucks. The tires can move uncontrollably at a high rate of speed. This can force other drivers into dangerous positions. It can also cause the truck driver to lose control of his or her vehicle. If you are injured after a truck tire blowout, then you may have the opportunity to file a lawsuit against multiple parties. Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III can help you assess your options during a free consultation.

Accidents Due to Lack of Maintenance

Can poor vehicle maintenance cause a truck accident? You bet it can. Truck accidents due to lack of maintenance are incredibly common. They are so common that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has set safety standards for trucking companies nationwide. These standards include regular vehicle inspections and maintenance of many types of truck parts.

Were you involved in an accident with a poorly maintained truck? If so, then you should consider exploring your legal options. An experienced attorney can launch a full scale investigation into your accident. Your attorney will look for evidence proving the trucking company failed to properly maintain its vehicles.

Cargo-Related Accidents

The majority of cargo-related truck accidents happen due to overloaded and overweight trucks. When a truck is overloaded with cargo, spillage is a natural occurrence. If spillage occurs, then nearby drivers are at risk for accident and injury. They may not have enough time to avoid the cargo or the truck. Cargo-related accidents commonly cause severe accidents, including multi-vehicle pileups. Fortunately, an aggressive and passionate truck accident lawyer can help you recover financial compensation for your pain and suffering.

How a Houston Semi-Truck Crash Lawyer Can Help

There are many types of semi truck accidents that occur on roads and highways in Houston. Injury claims involving commercial vehicles are typically more complex than your standard car accident claim. You will need an attorney who knows the federal and state laws that could potentially apply to your case. You will also need an attorney with experience conducting investigations. This includes recovering documents, recruiting expert witnesses and inspecting the commercial vehicle involved in the accident.

At The Law Office of Daniel D. Horowitz, III PC, we can help you coordinate a truck accident investigation after a crash. Attorney Daniel D. Horowitz, III has unique experience that helps him investigate truck accidents. As a former truck driver, he understands how trucking companies operate more than most Houston attorneys. He can use his past experience to help you collect relevant evidence. He can then formulate a legal argument surrounding the facts of your case. Contact him today to learn more about how he can help your truck accident case succeed.

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